“Photography helps people to see” – Bernice Abbot


Life is my inspiration. My camera is the medium I use to capture my surroundings and to interact with it. It helps me cross the borders of language, time, space and political boundaries.

Some of the best moments I have caught on film document the reaction of the people I meet to the camera. They open up to the shuttered eye of my camera, giving me insight into their souls, their personalities, their joy and pain, their life.

If everyday life is covered with the thick gauze of formalities- the cumbersomeness of communicating in a foreign language, the separating walls of gender and the hurdles of cultural norms and taboos- the camera is an instrument which raises the veil of these superficialities to showcase the spirit of the person standing in front of it.

Raw, undefined and superbly human, through my lens I see the commonalities of our human existence and the beauty of the physical world that surround us.

I hope you see my photography in the same way I do, with the eye of the heart.